Hierarchy of God, Man, and Nature

    There is a hierarchy between every living being.  There is one between God, man, and nature.  Before the Fall of man,  Adam and Eve were in a very close relationship with God.  Adam was basically God’s right hand man.  God told Adam to name all of the animals.  Adam was the middle man.  He represented God to nature, and represented nature to God.  Eve was not in the same place as Adam.  She did not name the animals or the plants.  However, the good thing was, she was made of Adam, and therefore, was not really in the blame of things.  For example, when she ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, nothing happened.  However, when Adam did, who represented mankind, the world changed.  

    After the fall, Adam lost his position of being God’s representative.  He would have to instead work for nature.  Eve, would now be blamed for the bad things she did, also having to endure childbirth.  The serpent which tempted Eve, was to be the lowest of the lows.  He would tempt people, but they would eventually overpower him and kill him.  God stayed in the same position.  He was the ruler of everything.  He still is.  It was because of our foolish act that we do not get to enjoy the wonderful times that Adam and Eve did with God.




One thought on “Hierarchy of God, Man, and Nature

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